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A Trevino's haircut is sharp, first-class, and done with skill and precision. Our barbers are trained in the art of both traditional + modern barbering. All of our haircuts include a warm lather and straight razor edging around the neckline, providing a finishing touch that can't be beat. Choose from a variety of examples featured in the shop, or feel free to bring your own image/idea. (does not include Razor/Skin fade)

30 minutes $40



Maintain a well-groomed appearance with a weekly, bi-weekly beard trim at Trevino's. All trims include an initial consultation to determine preferred length and shape. We then trim/shape the goatee area, and under the chin. By blending both haircut and facial hair lines, we create a natural, yet complimentary transition.

30 minutes $27


A classic barber shop experience that EVERY man should have!! Your grandfather will thank you... promise! Our 14-step straight razor shave is the ultimate barber shop experience! With warm lather, and a hot towel, our hot towel shave is the real deal.

40 minutes $35


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The razor/skin fade combines the classic haircut experience with the addition of a straight razor and foil machine, which we use to carefully blend the hair. This style is perfect for those with fast-growing hair, allowing 1-2 weeks between appointments. This cut is a favorite among law uniformed servicemen and vintage/dapper types.


45 minutes $42

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